I'm Sam.

interests: comedy, cheese
nemesis: eczema, the sun
location: Atlanta, GA


July 16th
4:35 PM EST
Please sell these I will buy one omg

amberislazy replied to your photoset:

DO IT! You’ll be surprised at what people will buy! You could easily get $30-50 for these!
iamnotwhatiam replied to your photoset: 

lasercage replied to your photoset:
I’d buy one.
indefinitelymaybe replied to your photoset: 
no, because these are amazing guuurrr! <3

Ahh you guys are so amazing and encouraging! I’ve been spending time looking at other sellers’ prices and # of sales and I’m feeling rather optimistic about it! I need to work on making some original illustrations and things… I’ll probably pick up a book on Etsy selling (there are some very highly rated books for it on Amazon!) and work on some more samples and stuff…

Anything in particular y’all might like to see? :)

July 9th
12:49 PM EST
OMG that Dlisted quote almost killed me. I have not laughed that hard in a long damn time.

Right? I think I pulled a muscle from laughing!

January 21st
11:03 PM EST

amberislazy replied to your post

You are the Michael Kors of friends.

thephilosophersquid replied to your post

YAY! I am 100 percent behind new devices.

ME TOO and Fab.com sells super nice expensive made in USA body-safe ones that are worth every penny and then some. I’mma send you an invite.

I was so overdue for a replacement. Been without for like… 2 years? And the one I had was basically a gag gift from the back wall at Spencer’s. Now I feel like a grown-ass woman with a fancy one. Yay!

November 28th
4:59 PM EST

brijam replied to your post: wallofdis replied to your photo: HELP ME The Great…

Moby Butt. The Scarlett Butt. The Tale of Two Butts. A Clockwork Butt.

teaforonesvp replied to your photoHELP ME

The Catcher in the Butt

amberislazy replied to your photoHELP ME

Iron Butt, The Man in the Butt Mask, Mean Butts, A Christmas Butt, The Wizard of Butt, The Sound of Butt, American Butt, 12 Angry Butts, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Butt, Raging Butt, The Butt Hunter, god help me stop

wallofdis replied to your postwallofdis replied to your photo: HELP ME The Great…

A Movable Butt. Battlefield Butt. Brave New Butt. The Butt of Wrath (this one made me LOL). Invisible Butt. Butt With The Wind (OMG). Lord of the Butts. The Butt Also Rises. The Catcher In The Butt. Butthead Revisited. Sophie’s Butt.

October 25th
6:52 PM EST

thephilosophersquid replied to your photoset: New boots!

LOVE. this is like pr0n for me. hot, hot shoe pr0n.

I know Genny. I know. Come to Tallahassee so we can frolic together at DSW?

stepliana replied to your photoset:

Where are they from? I love them!

crabcakes replied to your photoset:

NO, YOU! <3

amberislazy replied to your photoset:

now for tan leggings and a navy blazer
I just bought a polka dot navy pencil skirt… hmmmmmmmmm we shall see if I can pull off knee-high boots and a pencil skirt. But yes! I need a blazer!
October 12th
9:21 AM EST



October 10th
4:15 PM EST

amberislazy replied to your post: halewoods replied to your post: 3:15 PM EST — no…

miss you too, boo. starting next week I’ll have a little more free time. Then the next week I travel. :( we’ll reunite one day!


(lol ily anyway)

3:46 PM EST

halewoods replied to your post: 3:15 PM EST — no more spanx today

bra! what is a bra good for if not smuggling shit?

Too much spanx, too little bra. I can’t even stick my iPhone in there. :(

Also, fuck boob jail

amberislazy replied to your post: 3:15 PM EST — no more spanx today

I miss you :(

July 11th
8:42 AM EST

Replies to replies in which I reference my boobs and Gallagher

jheath replied to your post: jheath replied to your post: 8, 18, &…

No you’re not, shut up. If you’re being serious than this is the most awkward moment of my life.


Also now the whole world/internet knows about my boob problems, and that’s fine. Boobs are boobs!

softwhisper replied to your post15 (better involve some awful tank tops)

i don’t know who this guy is but your description of him is AWESOME

This is the ubiquitous Office Jim! Who has turned into season 3 awkward Andy Bernard (plus a little Gabe and a little Todd Packer and a little GTFO of my life you asshole) and remains an ever-present reminder that I am in some ways completely unlovable and not worth any risks. He wooed me thoroughly then beat me with the hammer of rejection like one of Gallagher’s watermelons, all the while lying about wanting to remain friends.

amberislazy replied to your postamberislazy replied to your post: 15 (better…



July 10th
11:17 PM EST