I'm Sam.

interests: comedy, cheese
nemesis: eczema, the sun
location: Atlanta, GA


March 20th
3:49 PM EST
"[Jimmy Fallon] grew up on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. ‘I loved him,’ Fallon says. ‘Me and my sister watched that every day, Mister Rogers. He was so friendly and he was so nice and so interested in everything.’ The description, I point out, sort of sounds like that of Jimmy Fallon. He straightens his posture, shifts his gaze out the window like an alarm just went off. ‘That’s so interesting, I love that you brought that up. And the message. Be yourself. And be happy with yourself. Be silly. No matter how weird the neighbor kids think you are. I never thought of that. Love Mr. Rogers. Love him. I even watched him when I got too old.’"
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