I'm Sam.

interests: comedy, cheese
nemesis: eczema, the sun
location: Atlanta, GA


September 19th
6:01 PM EST

Samlet, Act 3 Scene 1

To keep or not to keep: that is the question: 
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to keep
All three similar shirtdresses,
Or to take arms against my empty bank account,
And by returning avoid owning too many things? To return; to refund;
No more; and by return to say we get rid of
These new purchases and have extra buffer money
Until next payday, ‘tis a buffer
Devoutly to be wish’d.

  • Left: blue striped shirtdress
  • Right: gray oxford shirtdress
  • Not pictured: same as right, just in light blue

Are they terrible or cute? The belt is mine, I added it for reference because these require being belted. Could be really cute with colored tights, boots, etc. Or I could just be a truly boring soul. I do wish they were a bit softer, but they’re straight shirting cotton like you’d have in any conventional cotton dress shirt, so I can totally wear them to work without even having to dress them up much at all.

I can keep all three, or return some. But I have apathy and sometimes I’m afraid I lack fashion sense for dressing myself. Input?

  1. thiscozyskull said: I like the blue one at left!
  2. teammanchild said: stop being so cute. Signed, Me
  3. oh-shanada said: i love them! you look so good!
  4. inmargewetrustandstuff said: I really the first one. I know they’re the same, but the first one looks better idek
  5. videogameheart said: I like the blue stripe the best but you also have to consider upkeep—are you willing to iron them before wearing etc? I am way too lazy so I stick with other fabrics haha.
  6. gratefulirritation said: They’re cute! I think I like the blue striped one better though if you’re trying to choose between these two.
  7. dooeytwo said: I think I proved in Costco that I know nothing about clothes, but I give a standing ovation for Samlet. Quite the Bard.
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