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February 14th
4:41 PM EST
That is so not true! Wait, what does that even mean? #embroidery

That is so not true! Wait, what does that even mean? #embroidery

February 11th
12:42 PM EST

briefly on moving & my IKEA wishlist

Once a month is NOT what I had in mind for blogging this year, but that’s my rate of posts so far. Oh well. Things have been so busy! I’m moving to a new city 5 hours away in under three weeks!

The new job is exciting. People keep asking me, “is that what you want to be doing?” which I find to be a very odd question. Do people ever get to do “what they want to be doing”? I think that’s rare to find. My answer is usually something along the lines of, “in the sense that I want to do something different than I have been doing, yes.”

I can be a functioning member of society without a clear career path, and so can you!

Moving is going to be interesting. Mostly terrifying. I’ve been very lucky so far and have been in contact with a great new roommate in the new city. We’ll have a place nailed down by this weekend, and the last week of the month will involve a Uhaul truck and trek to the new house. 

Friends and family have been incredibly supportive - this is a great change for me and we all know it. 

On top of a great new job, I will also be located near an IKEA rather than just within a 7 hour drive of three IKEAs. And I have some priority purchases to make!

February 6th
5:56 PM EST
Jumbo knitting needles!

Jumbo knitting needles!

9:25 AM EST

On repeat because I GOT THE JOB

February 4th
8:29 PM EST
4:01 PM EST
Birthday selfie no. 2 #vscocam

Birthday selfie no. 2 #vscocam

9:59 AM EST



Everyone shut up and watch this 49 second unaired clip of Whose Line where we see Colin officially lose his mind.


8:46 AM EST
Birthday selfie no. 1 #vscocam

Birthday selfie no. 1 #vscocam

January 30th
3:58 PM EST

Since I’m probably / maybe / definitely / more likely than not moving to Atlanta next month (the timeline is so blurry right now) I NEED TO MAKE SOME FRIENDS IN ATLANTA.

Help me tumblr you’re my only hope. Because I’m scared of reddit.

10:59 AM EST
via @designcrush #365quotes

via @designcrush #365quotes